Youth Football Drills – Defensive Ends

Youth Football Drills

(Defensive Ends)


In our previous Youth Football Drills blog post we turned our attention to the defensive side of the ball with the DB Read and React Drill.  In this post we are going to share a Defensive End Box drill we developed several years back to help teach our Defensive Ends how to properly box.  If you are not a fan of boxing your Defensive Ends and prefer the Spill and Kill technique, we highly recommend you take a look at Coach Wilkins’ X’s and O’s of “Spill and Kill” Contain clinic.



Youth Football Drills - Defense End Box Drill

Youth Football Drills – Defense End Box Drill Setup

Drill Setup

  • 8 Cones
  • 1 Ball
  • Setup up cones and players to represent a Double Tight, 2 Back Split Formation.
  • Setup up cones to designate the Sweep Alley/Spot on each side of the ball.

Drill Execution

  1. Defensive End turns their back.
    • Coach tells the blocker and runner which hole to run to (Off-Tackle or Sweep) and snap count.  Note:  Run away from the Defensive End from time to time to make sure that they are pursuing through the backfield properly.
  2. On the snap count the blocker and runner run to the designated hole with the Coach handing or pitching the ball to the runner.
    • The runner must stay between the cones (Off-Tackle or Sweep).
  3. The Defensive End gets to the Sweep Spot, meeting the lead blocker, shedding the block, and tackling the runner.
    • They need to fight to force the runner deeper than the “Sweep Alley” or squeeze him inside the Off-Tackle hole.
    • When shedding the block, they position themselves where their outside arm is kept free to make a tackle and their inside foot is splitting the feet of the blocker.
  4. After cycling through several reps, switch to the other side.

For additional drill ideas for your team, we encourage you to download the CLYFL Youth Football Drill Book, as well as visit our YouTube library of football drills.  Our library includes drills for Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.  We have even included some Flag Football drills.