Youth Football Drills – Offensive Line

Youth Football Drills

(Offensive Line)


In our last blog post we shared a drill we call Slow Stalk Block that we are planning to use this coming season to help teach our Running Backs and Receivers how to properly execute a Stalk Block.  In this post we are going to share an Offensive Line drill we like to use for our Power Plays called Block the Backer.  The purpose of this drill is to make sure that our Pullers are finding Linebackers and making contact.

Youth Football Drills - Blocking the Backer

Youth Football Drills – Blocking the Backer Setup

Drill Setup

  • 6 Cones
  • 1 Stand-up Blocking Dummy.
  • Line 4 cones slightly angled downfield with a lineman in front of each. Place two cones 3 yards deep in front of center representing a Linebacker. The Linebacker stands in between the cones.
  • 1 Line. Rotate LB to Drill Line. Drill Line to Center. O-Line shifts one position to the right with PT becoming the LB.

Note: This drill is setup for an unbalanced line with the playside Guard pulling.  It can easily be adapted to a balanced line with the backside Guard pulling.



Youth Football Drills - Block the Backer

Youth Football Drills – Block the Backer Execution

Drill Execution

  • At the snap of the ball the Puller (G) must pull down the line.
  • The linebacker must try and tackle the dummy and the Puller (G) must get around the corner to block the Linebacker.

    Coaching Points for Puller

  • 6 inch first step with right foot at 2 o’clock.
  • Good rip with outside arm.
  • Low sprinter stance finish.
  • Spy the linebacker getting head to touchdown (outside) side.

If you are looking for additional Offensive Line Drills for your youth football team, we highly recommend, that you take a look at Coach O’Gorman’s How to be the Coach Your O-line Deserves clinic.

For additional drill ideas for your team, we encourage you to download the CLYFL Youth Football Drill Book, as well as visit our YouTube library of football drills.  Our library includes drills for Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.  We have even included some Flag Football drills.