Youth Football Coaching Tips

7 Tips for Coaching Younger Players in Youth Football

Coaching Little Guys in Youth Football


For the first time in my youth football coaching career I will be an assistant coach on a 3rd and 4th grade team.  I have always felt the coaches at the youngest levels of youth football are the most important because they are the first to introduce the game.  Because of this belief and since I am more experienced with coaching older players, I thought it would be a good idea for me to reach out to other coaches who are experienced at this level for advice.  As expected, I got back some great responses that I felt are worth sharing.


  1. Keep it Fun!  Many of the younger kids don’t initially understand the competitiveness of the game in the beginning.
  2. Give equal attention to all of your players.  While your better players will improve you will see the greatest improvements from your weaker players.
  3. Have a good practice plan and keep the pace fast and efficient.  Spend extra time on fundamentals and technique.
  4. Don’t assume players will understand all of the terms that you will use.   Make sure to explain everything no matter how small.
  5. Hide conditioning within games and competitive drills.
  6. Do everything you can to make every player feel good about football.
  7. Make sure to communicate to the parents early and often.  For many of parents this is their first exposure to youth football as well.

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