Youth Basketball Drills – Pit Drill

Youth Basketball Drills

(Pit Rebounding Drill)


A drill we like to use to work on our rebounding skills is the Pit Drill.  This is a competitive drill that works on both defensive and offensive rebounding skills. Below is a youtube example of the drill:



Because we don’t like to have our players stand idle for too long, we have put our own little twist on the drill.

Youth Basketball Drills - WAR Rebounding Setup

Youth Basketball Drills – Pit Rebounding Setup

Drill Setup

  • Two lines on the base line for Guards and Forwards/Centers (Defense).
  • Two lines on the elbows for Guards and Forwards/Centers (Offense).
  • Coach at the free throw line with a basketball.
  • The first player in each defensive line positions themselves about midway up the lane.


Drill Execution

  1. Coach takes a shot making sure to try and miss.
  2. Defensive players block out their offensive player and try to secure the ball.
  3. Offensive players work to beat the block out to get the ball.
  4. Rotate players after each shot.
  5. First team to 20 rebounds, offensive or defensive, wins the drill.
  6. We switch defense and offense when the combined score of both teams equals 20.

If you need more drill ideas, please take a look at our YouTube library of youth basketball drills.