Nick Bosler

I have been coaching football now for over 20 years, levels ranging from middle and high school, to my current spot as head coach of a 6-7yr old mighty mite team.

Previous to my first year of coaching mighty mites, we were fortunate to experience multiple city and state championships. However, our first year in this new challenge we finished 2-6.  The season and age level proved challenging. The needs and demands of teaching these young athletes were much different from what I had experienced before.

This past offseason I turned to Coach Rob. Coaches-Clinic.com has been a tremendous resource. While there are countless sites on the Internet about the game of football, their presenters bring a specific perspective, and methods applicable to youth football, and have had proven successes on the field to back it up.

Our team went from last place to league runner up in one year using the methods available on Coaches-Clinic.com. I would definitely recommend them to new and experienced youth coaches who are looking for new perspectives on the youth game!

Nick Bosler
Louisville, Kentucky