Intro to the Hybrid Wing (A Modern Approach to the Delaware Wing-T)

Topics Covered:

Intro to the Hybrid Wing will be an introduction of how this system operates from the ground up. We will cover how we communicate, System specific O-line and QB play, Blocking Rules, why we use Series, and how we maintain limited schemes and protections.


1 hour, 3 minutes.


$5 – See Note Below

Coach Correa’s  Bio:

Coach Correa is an established youth football coach and administrator with over 15 years of experience both coaching and managing inner-city youth football programs.

Coach Correa began his coaching career in 2002 in Middletown, CT, bringing his unique coaching style to a then fledgling program. He has gone on to successfully manage teams across four cities, always with a winning record (76/17/1).

– Made state and regional appearances every year as a Head Coach.
– Led his teams to seven state championship appearances in three different leagues.
– 2005 the Middletown Tigers 10 U team won the state championship.
– 2008 the New Britain Raiders 14 U team won the state championship.
– 2012 the East Hartford Mustangs 12 U team won the state championship.

Coach Correa’s unique numbering and play calling system gives him and his teams a communication and language to explain complex offensive and defensive strategies in a way that his players and staff can understand and execute. Coach Correa is widely known across the state of Connecticut and the New England Region for his effective implementation of the Wing-T (Flex Wing Shift) Offense and his Multiple 50 Stack (M-50-Stack) Defense.


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