Things I wish I knew the first year with the UBSW

Topics Covered (Part #1):

  1. First Year Tips
  2. Selling the Single Wing to your Coaches.
  3. Why G.O.D. Blocking and Foot to Foot Splits?
  4. G.O.D. Blocking and How We Teach It.
  5. Intro to G.O.O.D. and G.O.D.S. Blocking.
  6. Blocking Schemes
  7. O-Line Coaching Points
  8. Running Back Stance and Alignment
  9. Importance of Fakes and Teaching them.
  10. Miscellaneous RB Coaching Points
  11. Additions to the Base (Straight Series)
  12. Play Calling
  13. Additional Formations and Plays

Topics Covered (Part #2):

  1. Off Tacke Adjustment Considerations for Weight Restricted Leagues
  2. Additional way to run ISO
  3. Additional Quick side Plays
  4. Why No Huddle and No Huddle Tweaks
  5. Evaluation Drills and Scoring
  6. Miscellaneous


3 hours, 22 minutes.




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Coach Rob’s Bio:

Rob Rhodes is one of the founding members of and a self-professed youth football addict. For the past 9 seasons his teams have utilized the Winning Youth Football Single Wing System from the 1st – 8th grade levels.  During this time his teams have reached the league championship 5 times winning 3.


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