The Buck Lateral Series from the UBSW

Topics Covered:

1.  Inside out action- Dive- Sweep
2.  Wing T Evolved from the Buck Sweep Play
3.  Forces the defense to play the whole field
4.  Deception and power without the mesh of the spin series.
5.  Good passing series
6.  Kills the Blocking back key readers
7.  Ball is always snapped to spin back who dives into the line.
8.  Spin back has two traps (strong and weak)
9.  Blocking back pivots 180 degrees
10.Halfback runs the sweep route
11.Wingback will block or run the counter
12.Jump pass and toss sweep pass are highly effective


56 minutes


$10 - See Note Below

Coach Lewis’ Bio:

Tom Lewis is the offensive coordinator at Plymouth (OH) High School, home of the Big Red, where his single wing offense was formed in 2003. Together with the current head coach, he is meshing the triple option, power isolation series, and the single wing together in one offense. He was formerly a varsity assistant coach for the Galion (OH) Tigers football team. For the 2009 season, the Galion Tigers finished the year as the undefeated Northern Ohio League Champions with a 10-0 record. The combination of single wing plays averaged just over 10 yards per carry. Lewis is the author of two additional books, 101 Single Wing Plays and Coaching the Spin Offense, and has also authored six single wing offensive coaching DVDs through Coaches Choice. He sells DVDs on his own website.



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