The Beast Package

Topics Covered:

The Beast is a simple, but effective direct snap series of plays.

1. Beast Blast, Counters, and Passing
2. Play calling
3. Practice philosophies


1 hour, 21 minutes


$5 – See Note Below

Coach Mahoney’s Bio:


1983 -1984 – Gopher – Arvada Redskins youth football club
1985 -1987 – Gopher  –  Golden Demons youth football club
1988-1990- Coordinator  –  Columbine Jets youth football club
1991-1993- Co-Head Coach  –  Columbine Hornets youth football club
1994- Assistant coach  –  Columbine Warriors youth football club
1995-1997- Assistant Freshman coach for Horizon High School
1996-2001 – Head Coach  –  Arizona Junkyard Doggs youth football club
1999-2001 – Head Coach  –  Paradise Valley Rage youth flag football club
2002-2003- Head Coach  –  Mountain Cougars youth football club
2002-2004 – Coordinator  –  Denver Titans Minor League Football club
2005- Coordinator  –  Denver Pirates Minor League Football club
2006-2008 – Coordinator  –  Denver Titans Minor League Football club
2006- Co-Head Coach  –  Denver Titans Minor League Fball club
2003-2008 – Coordinator  –  S. Jeffco Sharks youth football club
2009-2010- Coordinator  –  S. Jeffco Junkyard Doggs youth football club
2011- on vacation
2012- Coordinator  –  Arvada Outlaws youth football club


1990-1991- Fball Equip Mgr – Columbine Youth Sports
1992- Colorado Rep  –  Annual Youth Kellogg’s Bowl
1993- Colorado Rep  –  Annual Las Vegas Youth Nationals
1999-2000 – Assistant Director  –  Arizona Youth Sports competitive flag football program
2005- Scheduling Mgr  –  Denver Pirates Min League Fball club
2006-Co-Gen Mgr  –  Denver Titans Minor League Football club
2007-2009 –Owner – Denver Titans Minor League Football club
2009-2010 – Assistant Football Dir for S. Jeffco Sports Assoc
2009-2010 – Flag Fball Director for South Jeffco Sports Assoc
2010- JMFA Rep for South Jeffco Sports Association


2007- Denver Combine Assistant Director  –  Colorado Ice Indoor Arena Football club
2008- Denver Combine Assistant Director  –  United Indoor Football League
2009- Co-Owner Colorado Lightning Indoor Arena Football club



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