Flipping with the Unbalanced Single Wing

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to Coaches-Clinic.com.
  2. Why we have flipped.
  3. Plays we run when flipping.
  4. How we call the plays with No Huddle.
  5. Flipped Formations
  6. How we organize the flip


31 minutes


$5.00 – See Note Below

Coach Rob’s Bio:

Rob Rhodes is one of the founding members of Coaches-Clinic.com and a self-professed youth football addict. For the past 5 seasons his teams have utilized the Winning Youth Football Single Wing System at both the 7/8th and 5/6th grade levels. In 2012 he teamed up with another founding member of Coaches-Clinic.com, Todd Greenwell, winning a local championship.


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