Middle School and Youth Option Wing Offense


The Option Wing combines concepts of the Power I, triple option, and wing-t running games with a play action and quick passing game that can be productive at the middle school and youth levels.   The offense features the use of the I formation to run core wing-t series:  bucksweep, veer, belly and power.  Other features:

  • Flip-flops offensive personnel strong and quick to reduce teaching time increasing the number of plays that can be learned within our limited practice time.
  • Primarily a gap blocking scheme better suited to middle school and youth talent.
  • The use of the wing and slot formations creates additional advantages:  (1) widens the defensive front, and (2) presents an additional blocker at the line of scrimmage.
  • A balanced attack that can attack flank to flank with run and pass.
  • A series based offense makes it more difficult for the defense to recognize the play and creates conflict in assignments for the defensive players.  Plays are installed by series which allows the staff to leverage teaching time.
  • The option feature creates a number of advantages:  can leave defenders unblocked, makes coverages more predictable, and deters blitzing and stunts – defense must assign potential blitzers to cover phases of the option game.

Topics Covered:

  1. Why the Option Wing?
  2. Running Game Overview
  3. Veer Series (Inside Veer, Midline, Outside Veer, and Lead Option)
    1. Blocking Schemes
    2. Coaching points by position
    3. Option on Me
  4. Installation drills
  5. Video
  6. Q&A


1 hour, 8 minutes


$10 – See Note Below

Coach Marsden’s Bio:

Paul Marsden has coached middle school and youth football for over 11 years in north metro Atlanta. Coach Marsden developed a Split 4-4 defense for youth and middle school teams which he shares for free at DumCoach.com where he is a regular contributor and hosts a Split 4-4 forum.