Trick Plays and Unbalanced Formations

Topics Covered:

1. Trick plays with player breakdowns
2. Play Cards and video cut-ups of plays
3. Unbalanced formations with simple play packages
4. When to attack a defense that over shifts to your unbalanced formation
5. Shifting to unbalanced formations
6. When to run trick plays and unusual formations
7. Great 2pts plays
8. Covering the positives of trick plays and unbalanced formations
9. Running trick plays on special teams
10. Why trick plays are best to run in the red zone


1 hour, 28 minutes


$5 – See Note Below

Coach Harmon’s Bio:

Dennis Harmon is now in his ninth season as Offensive Coordinator and assistant head coach at Harborfields High in Long Island NY. He also serves as the team’s offensive and defensive line coach. Under his tenure the tornadoes have made the playoffs the last 4 out of 5 years while appearing in a championship game in 2008 .

Harmon played at Brockport State from 2001 – 2003 and helped the golden eagles reach the NCAA playoffs all three years and capture the universities first ECAC Lambert Cup trophy in 2002. Coach Harmon has developed several student-athletes that are currently playing collegiate football. He has been speaking at Glazier Football clinics for the past four years.

Coach Harmon believes that the best way for us to grow as coaches is to share what we do within our programs. He created a website called which is an essential website for the serious coach.



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