The Three Keys – Practice Planning, Team Building, and Team Retention

Topics Covered:

1st Key – Practice Planning

  1. Importance of a Plan.
    1. Pre-season, prepare a blueprint (skills, drills, systems, etc.).
    2. Then, fill in weekly plans to construct the house.
      1. Offensive install plan
      2. Defensive install plan
      3. Skills to master
        1. EDDs to master skills
        2. Drills that build on prior mastered skills
  2. Be mindful of practice design.
    1. Get the body moving before teaching.
    2. Pay attention to attention spans.
    3. Where and how are you going to interject energy into the practice?
    4. Don’t be afraid of routine, but don’t make it boring.
    5. Make your breaks productive.
    6. Practice pace
      1. Coaching on the run
      2. Plays on air
      3. Name your drills
    7. How much contact do you need?
  3. Effective scrimmaging.

2nd Key – Team Building

  1. Compete, compete, compete.
  2. Bond, bond, bond.
    1. Buddy System
    2. Small Groups
    3. Character Program
    4. Take responsibility for your backup.
    5. Team Cookout/Event
    6. Coaches’ Testimonies/Stories
    7. Bad Day Drill
    8. Practice on time
    9. Dance off
    10. Season Theme
  3. We over me.
    1. Our Four Team Goals
    2. Importance of offensive line
      1. Special fraternity
      2. T-shirts

3rd Key – Player Retention

  1. This is a family experience.
  2. Post-season party
  3. End of Year Letter
  4. Get signups done as soon after the season as possible.
  5. Off-season emails to the parents.
  6. Training the Parents.


1 hour, 22 minutes


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Coach Schumacher’s  Bio:

Coach Clint Schumacher coaches in Dallas, Texas. He has coached 8 football seasons, including three seasons with two teams. As a 7-year head coach, his teams’ record is 81-17-1. His teams have a 90+% retention rate, including a 100% retention rate from 2014 to 2015. Coach Schumacher’s teams emphasize character development using a ‎weekly curriculum that has an in-home component (that parents are encouraged to do with ‎their kids) and an in-practice component that is discussed as a team. Character traits discussed include ‎sportsmanship, coachability, 100% effort, teamwork, compassion, positive attitude, consistency, stepping up, speaking out ‎‎(justice), selflessness, and humility.‎

Coach Schumacher was the PCA National Double Win Coach of the Year Finalist in 2013‎ and is a USA Football, Certified Player-Safety Coach.

Coach Schumacher has been married for 23 years and has three boys (ages 13, 11, 8). Coach Schumacher has a BBA in Accounting from Abilene Christian University (1994)‎ and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas (1997)‎.


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