Ten Winning Principles

Topics Covered:

  1. “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” – Urban Meyer
  2. “Confident players play fast and fast players win football games” – Joe Daniels
  3. “Compete, compete, compete.” – Pete Carroll
  4. “The closest I can come to the secret of success is this: a lot of little things done well.” – John Wooden
  5. “You must fascinate them every day.” – Pete Carroll/Randy Jackson
  6. “When you need their full attention, do it early in practice.” – Al Ainsworth
  7. “Pressure is what you feel when you are not well-prepared.” –Tom Herman
  8. “Spend less time in the strategy books and more time in how to talk to kids.” – James Leath
  9. “Athletes are not going to remember what you say, they are going to remember how you made them feel.” – Jen Starkey
  10. “Only by knowing yourself can you become an effective leader.” – Vince Lombardi


1 hour, 5 minutes


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Coach Schumacher’s  Bio:

Coach Clint Schumacher coaches in Dallas, Texas. He has coached football at all youth levels from 1st through 8th grade.  As an 8-year head coach, his teams’ records are a combined 87-19-1. However, his favorite stat is that his teams have a 95+% retention rate. Coach Schumacher’s teams emphasize character development using a ‎weekly curriculum that has an in-home component (that parents are encouraged to do with ‎their kids) and an in-practice component that is discussed as a team. Character traits discussed include ‎sportsmanship, coachability, 100% effort, teamwork, compassion, positive attitude, consistency, stepping up, speaking out ‎‎(justice), selflessness, and humility.‎  Coach Schumacher was the PCA National Double Win Coach of the Year Finalist in 2013‎ and is a USA Football, Certified Player-Safety Coach.  Coach Schumacher has been married for 24 years and has three boys (ages 14, 12, 9). Coach Schumacher has a BBA in Accounting from Abilene Christian University (1994)‎ and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas (1997)‎.


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