Radar Blocking, Wedge and the Practice-Driven Mindset for the Youth Single Wing Offense

Date and Time:

Sunday, May 31 at 7:00PM Eastern

Topics Covered:

  1. Culture – Scheme “Connection”
  2. Practice is Everything
  3. “Canoeing the Mountains”
  4. Transfer: What matters is what they do after we coach them
  5. Radar Blocking!
  6. Wedge


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Note:  We will be opening the meeting up at 6:45PM Eastern and can only accommodate a total of 30 attendees.  We will be locking the webinar 5 minutes past the start time so be prompt so that you aren’t locked out.

Coach Marshall’s Bio:

Dave Marshall has been a Head Coach at the youth level with ages 10 – 13 for 6 seasons and the mission of his program is to “Use football as a tool to build men by striving to ensure players feel that they are unconditionally loved for who they ARE, not what they DO, never putting profits and winning above relationships.”  Dave and Denise have 3 teenage children and live just outside of Detroit.  Dave is 50 years old, a retired United States Marine and works as a Police Officer.  Over the past 6 seasons Dave’s teams have gone 43-14 and won the league championship 3 times.