Pack Line Defense for Youth Basketball

Pack Line Defense for Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball Defense


If you have followed College Basketball the last couple of seasons there is a good chance that you have heard of the Pack Line Defense utilized by the University of Virginia.  Because of the makeup of the Pack Line Defense we believe it has great application at the Youth Basketball level.  Over the past several years using many of the Pack Line defensive principles with a few nuances for Youth Basketball we have developed what we call the Brat-Pack.  The Brat-Pack Defense plays to the percentages that most Youth Basketball players are neither great outside shooters, ball handlers, or passers.   We believe it combines the best qualities of Man and Zone defenses:

  1. There is constant pressure on the ball.
  2. Gap and Help defenders protect the paint/lane area and limit the number of layups enticing the opposition to shoot lower percentage shots from the outside.
  3. It takes offensive players out of their comfort zone by constantly forcing them to their weak hand.
  4. There is no confusion on box out assignments.
  5. It keeps kids engaged and involved.
  6. It is simple to learn and can be taught with limited practice time.
  7. It helps average teams be more competitive.

Below is a brief video of one our Youth Basketball teams using the Brat-Pack Defense:



If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to take a look at our Youth Basketball – Brat-Pack Defense eBook below: