New Season Sale

Youth Focused Football Clinics


To celebrate the Fourth of July, as well as the upcoming Football season we are offering two of our Clinic packages and all of our youth focused Coachtube material at 50% off through the end of August.  Any proceeds that we make from this sale and any other material during the months of July and August will be donated to a local Youth Football Program.

Clinic Packages and CoachTube Materials

$17.49 (Regular Price $34.99) – Bronze (66 recorded Clinics with Notes)

$32.30 (Regular Price $64.99)  – Silver (Bronze plus all of Coach Jack Gregory’s 6-3 Defense and Youth Double Wing Clinics)

FREE to $14.99 (Regular Price FREE to $29.99) – CoachTube


Note:  When purchasing either the Bronze or Silver Clinics Packages apply promo code “youth” with no quotes to receive the 50% discount.