More With 4 System

More with 4 System


Coach Slade Singleton has spent the past 6 seasons developing his "More with 4 System" with simplicity at its core. Using this system, he has minimized the learning curve for his players while helping turn around multiple struggling High School programs.  Coach Singleton's teams practice these simple concepts until they are good at them and then they add window dressing to make them appear different to the Defense.  In addtion to its simplicity, one of the strengths of this system is that you do not need exceptional athletes to execute it.

More with 4 Playbook


Below is a brief preview of the 240+ page Playbook.

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More with 4 System Package


The package includes:

  • The More with 4 Playbook.
  • Access to Coach Singleton's Hudl Library.
  • Install Scripts
  • Drill PowerPoints
  • Concept Clips
  • PowerPoints covering Motions, Protections, and Signals.
  • Coach Singleton's Cell Phone Number for help with game planning, concepts, or any question you might have.

Note:  Upon purchase of the More with 4 System Package you will receive access to the Playbook immediately.  Access for all other items will be provided within 24 hours of purchase.  


More with 4 Installation Services


Along with  receiving the More with 4 System Package, Coach Singleton will come to your location and work with your team and staff to Install the More with 4 System.  Contact Coach Singleton for pricing using the Form below.

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