Coach Jack Gregory


Jack Gregory has coached the Double Wing offense since 1997 and has coached in eight league championship games and won four of those in that time period running up a win/loss record of 127 wins and 27 losses running the double wing in California and Texas. He started running his own variation of the Double Wing based on angle blocking concepts that was more youth friendly then the many high school variations that were being run at that time in 2003. His system has been ran with great success in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan and has been seen in the National Pop Warner Championships on several occasions.

He has written three books; Youth Double Wing; A Winning Youth Offense, 63 Defense; A Winning Youth Defense, and Youth Double Wing II; The Gun. He has also produced several DVD series on the Youth Double Wing including the Championship Production Series: Youth Double Wing which is a five DVD series on the Youth Double Wing offense. He has spoken at several national clinics around the country and given private clinics to organizations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Michigan, Florida, and California. He is currently working on a second edition of both the Youth Double Wing and 63 Defense to be release some time in the early part of 2013. He is also the founder and creator of the Double Wing Symposium, an annual double wing coach’s clinic held at the beginning of each year for youth and high school double wing coaches.

Clinics Presented:

Angle blocking Concepts (TKO/SAB)

YDW Series: Counter Plays
YDW Series: Multiple Formations
YDW Series: Passing Game (Pass Protection)
YDW Series: Passing Game (QB and Receiver Mechanics)
YDW Series: Power Series

63 Defense (Part 1): Basics
63 Defense (Part 2): Front Six (SCAT – Stance, Calls, Alignment, Technique)
63 Defense (Part 3): Back 5 (SCAT – Stance, Calls, Alignment, Technique)
63 Defense: Coverage Concepts
63 Defense: Training the Back 5

Coaches Corner – 63 Defense
Coaches Corner – Youth Double Wing Offense

Championship Productions DVDs:

Jack Gregory DVD & Videos