Coach Bruce Eien

BruceEeinBruce Eien is a veteran coach of 30 years, 17 years as a head coach and 26 as an offensive coordinator. In his career he has had the privilege to coach many D1 and professional athletes and coaches. Using a variety of offensive schemes over his career Bruce has developed a simple to install but difficult to defend offensive systems. He has presented these systems over the internet for the last 20 years and is one of the original Coaching website pioneers, starting with his BC Warrior and Chuck n Duck websites. He has expanded his web presence with his new coaching blogs and YouTube channel. He has presented at numerous clinics, published in coaching magazines and produced two coaching videos series through Championship videos and coaches choice. He was the facilitator of West Coast Single Wing Conclave and avid member of the Single Wing community. All of these accomplishments have been documented under the umbrella of his coaching website of Bruce has a passion for helping coaches advance in their coaching development.

Coach Bruce Eien’s Websites:
Twitter @bruceeien

Clinics Presented:

Simple but Effective Youth Passing Game
The Fat Formation
Trick Plays and Exotic Formations
I Back Toss (Double Wing Style)
I Back Toss (Double Wing Style) Passing Game
Zone Matchup Advantages of Cover 3

Championship Productions DVDs:

FAT Formation Offensive Series
The FAT Formation: The Passing Game Attack
The FAT Formation: Creating Misdirection with the Running Game
The FAT Formation: Base System Fundamentals
The FAT Formation: Blocking Schemes
The FAT Formation: Attacking Defensive Fronts