Run Pass Option

RPOs in the Spread Offense

(Run Pass Option)


RPOs are the biggest thing in football today. Since installing RPOs into the Spartan Spread System in 2011, the Spartans have averaged 400 yards and scored 28 points per game. During that time, the Spartans have made 4 state football appearances (2011, 2014, 2015, and 2016) winning it all in 2011. In this book you are going to get over 50 plays that will manipulate defensive players and put them in constant conflict.

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"Coach Mike Rowe has taken the hottest offensive trend in football and organized it into an easy read that can benefit all high school coaches.  There is something for everyone, whether you're already running RPOs as a part of your offense or you're considering adding one or more of the concepts next season.  Not only will you get some great ideas from Mike's book, chances are that once you understand the thought process you'll be able to create RPO concepts within your own offense."

Eric Davis
Head Football Coach
Mankato East HS
Mankato, MN

"RPO's are the new form of option football and Mike Rowe's RPO in the Spread Offense gives you detailed information on how to effectively implement them into your offense and be more explosive!"

Sam Baker
Head Football Coach
Waconia HS
Waconia, MN

"I have known Mike the last few years and talked with him about a lot of football related topics. Mike is truly a cutting edge coach whose teams perform at a high level in post season year in and year out. The on-field performance of his teams back up his prose. This book is great for all coaches. Even if you don't currently run RPOs, you will eventually have to defend somebody who does."

Chuck Hartman
Head Football Coach
Sibley East Schools
Arlington, MN