Running Back Drills


Disclaimer: has discovered or has been sent these videos from youth coaches.  The videos listed are publicly available on YouTube.  We are consolidating them to make it easier for youth football coaches.

Modified Chaser Drill

Ball Security

Stiff Arm with Ball Security

Pick up the Line

LaDainian Tomlinson

Top Gun Bags

Pass Pro


Circle Warmup

Goal Line Over Drill

Central Drills

Florida Cans

Sideline Blasters

Complete Stretch N Zone

Rise and Rip

Outside Arm Ball Security

Ball Security Drills

Hand Off / Run Mesh

High Knees Pad Level

T Drill

Ball Security, Planting and More

Rise & Blow Intro

Limp Shoulders

Running Back Drills for Youth

Nike Change of Direction

Virginia Tech Rise and Blow

Ladder Jump Cut

Ohio State Pro Day

Notre Dame Ladder

Pass Block


Daylight Drills

Daylight #2

Jump Cut Footwork

Bags In and Out

Purdue Ball (Circle Drill)

Youth FB Isolation Drill

Zig Zag Coach Intro

Zig Zag

45 Degree with Leverage Finish

Plant Posture

Jump Cut

Pass Pro Mirror Punch

Set the Pocket

Vikings Running Back Drills