Defensive Line Drills


Disclaimer: has discovered or has been sent these videos from youth coaches.  The videos listed are publicly available on YouTube.  We are consolidating them to make it easier for youth football coaches.

El Dorado

Bull Rush

Stab and Grab

 Rip Move

Rip Drill

Bend Drill

Chute Get Offs

Pop Up Pass Rush

6 Point Explosion Drill

Shed and Hit

Pass Rush


Pass Rush (Clemson)


Tire Drill

Shed and Hit (San Diego Chargers)

Pass Rush QB Dummy (Packers)

Hand Escape Drills

Recognition and Redirection

Hands, Hips, Rip and Run

Medicine Ball Hand Fight

Pro Day

Medicine Ball Hand and Feet

Bull Jerk

Hump Move

Swim Move

Youth Block Shed

Get Offs

USC D- line Drills

Bend Around (Carolina Panthers)

Hand Speed (Minnesota Vikings)

Resistance Drills

3 Point Stance and Start


Get Offs

Pass Rush

Tempo Flexibility

Tempo Hit

3 Cone L Drill

Odd Stunt

Half Man Rush

Bags (Notre Dame)

Texas D-line Highlights

100 Steps

Attacking Vertical Set Pass Pro

Michigan D-line Clinic