Attack the Tin Youth Basketball System

Coaching Youth BasketballAre you a youth basketball coach searching for a system you can run with your grade/middle school team?  Maybe you are a program coordinator looking for a simple system to hand your coaches.  If the answer to either of these questions is yes, we believe our 132 page eBook may be for you.  We have taken the knowledge we have gained coaching youth basketball over the last several years and have developed what we like to call the “Attack the Tin Youth Basketball System”.   With the Attack the Tin Youth Basketball System we have combined the following into a single cohesive system:

  1. Team Management Guide
  2. Paul Westhead Loyola Marymount Numbered Break
  3. Dick Bennett Pack Line Defense
  4. Single Press Break to attack the most common zone presses (i.e., 1-2-1-1, 1-2-2, and 2-2-1).
  5. Simple and effective Half-Court Offense to attack both zone and man defenses.

As an added bonus we are including:

  1. 13 sample Practice Plans with links to drills.
  2. 1 Year Subscription to view Online Clinic Recordings and Game Footage (4 Games):
    1. Guide to Coaching Youth Basketball
    2. Pack Line Defense for Youth Basketball
    3. Attacking the Press in Youth Basketball
    4. Half Court Attack for Youth Basketball

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Hello Rob,

Reading through your book and this is really, really good. I've never coached basketball before, but I volunteered this year (6th-8th grade) because I got tired of watching kids have a poor, disorganized, and frustrating experience. I'm only 20 pages in, but man, you have nailed it. Appreciate the good work.

Jeff Hood
Nashville, TN