Coach Rowe Consulting Services

Coach Rowe Consulting Services

Summer Installation

summerCoach Rowe will work with your team and staff for one or two days in summer. We will go over schemes on board and with film, then install on the field. In two days we can install the Spartan Spread run and pass game.  Contact Coach Rowe for Pricing using the Form below.

Spring/Summer Staff Clinic

sidelineFor 1 day Coach Rowe will work with your staff using board and video to install the Spartan Spread offense verses all commonly seen fronts and techniques. Contact Coach Rowe for Pricing using the Form below.


Practice and Game Film

game2You will be sent weekly game film plus offensive practice footage so that you can see ROCORI's game planning process.  Contact Coach Rowe for Pricing using the Form below.

Leadership Training

teamCoach Rowe will meet with your athletes, coaches, and parents and talk about what leadership looks like in the school. Coach Rowe will also meet with players of a particular program and teach them how to be leaders with their peers. Contact Coach Rowe for Pricing using the Form below.

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"Mike Rowe delivered an inspirational, powerful presentation on character-development to our Leadership students this spring. His message to our student-athletes focused on team building, respect and being the best they can be both on and off the field. Rowe's passion, along with his coaching and personal experiences, helped his message hit home with the students."

Julie Bulau, Leadership Coordinator
Eden Valley-Watkins, MN


"I have been looking for a while on some changes that I need to make within my program here in Park Rapids and I received some info on Mike Rowe's character education and the success he has gained over the years. After purchasing his material, I knew this is the change I wanted to make. I reached out to Mike about coming to Park Rapids for two reasons: speak to coaches/teachers/parents about his program and to help instruct his offense to my players. Mike did not hesitate to come up north and he made a little family vacation out of it. I have been in constant contact with Mike as he is always willing to listen and help. Mike has developed a top notch program, but he is willing to share and help other schools down the path. I know Mike has helped me personally change my thought process and look at the big picture."

Aaron D Morris, Head Football Coach
Park Rapids HS, MN


"Coach Rowe and I began talking this past winter. I am an 8-man coach in Kansas and the idea of putting our athletes in space while also putting the opposing team's best athletes in conflict was appealing.  Coach Rowe also has experience running this system at the 9 Man level so that was also a factor. Our schedules worked out so I was able to visit ROCORI's camp in June. I had some install questions and I really just wanted to see what a typical practice might look like. Coach Rowe, his staff and the team were all warm and welcoming. Coach Rowe was very helpful and patient with any questions I had. I was able to see what the system looked like behind the curtain, so to speak. My head was spinning and I couldn't get back to my team fast enough. After our camp back in Kansas, we have had multiple conversations to help with the transition to the Spartan Spread. I am excited to see what we are able to do when the season starts in a few weeks. Coach Rowe and I have spent many hours talking about this transition, among other things. At this point, I not only consider Coach Rowe to be a mentor but a friend as well." 

Chris Jensen, Head Football Coach
Burrton HS, KS


"In the short time that I have known Coach Rowe, he has shared many of his established RPO insights and concepts through email and phone conversations. However, I wanted a first-hand look at how Coach Rowe utilized these concepts on the football field. My decision to travel north 7 hours to visit with Coach Mike Rowe about his spread, up-tempo, no-huddle offense was well worth the trip. Coach Rowe and his staff were very open and honest in sharing their RPO concepts within their offense. After spending three days observing the Spartans summer camp I came away with a fresh approach in implementing RPO's within any offense. Mike and his staff run a top-notch program and look for big results from Rocori football this fall. While visiting Mike, I had the pleasure of meeting his family. My respect for Mike grew by the way he puts his family first-- he is a husband, dad and teacher/coach. Because of his priorities I believe these qualities are what make him an impactful person to the Rocori football program. Thank you, Coach Rowe for allowing me to look over your shoulder and be a part of your summer."

Coach Stephens, Assistant Coach
Chillicothe HS, MO