7 on 7 Youth Passing Playbook

7 on 7 Youth Playbook

For many of us the arrival of Spring means that 7-on-7 Season is just around the corner.  We love this time of year as it gives us the opportunity to start working with players on the basics… stance, first steps, routes / coverage.  As much fun as this is, we also like to be competitive and that is why we have developed our 7-on-7 Youth Passing Playbook.  Below are some of our favorite plays out of the playbook verses the most common defensive coverages we see.

Cover-2 Man

Youth Passing 7 on 7 verses Cover 2-Man


Cover-2 Zone

Youth Passing 7 on 7 verses Cover 2-Zone



Youth Passing 7 on 7 verses Cover 3



Here is some of the feedback we have received from coaches using our playbook:

“FYI, I didn’t coach our teams this past weekend because it was graduation weekend at RU and I had to work. Gave my iPad to a coach who has never been to a 7on7 before and he did a fantastic just because of your system. He loved it. He told me that it was the easiest thing he has ever had to do. I told him give the kids a number that is associated with the routes and tell that kid he is that number until he is told otherwise. The kids already new the deal but he was very nervous he would mess something up. This weekend I will get the recorder so you can see us in action.”

Coach Robert Stockwell
New Jersey

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more, please checkout a preview of the playbook below:

Playbook Preview

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