Youth Football Skills Development


I Youth Football helps kids increase their football skills through non-contact, fun classes. Coaches and organizations buy our curriculums to help deliver the best available skills to their players. Our curriculums and classes guarantee to ensure all participants increase their ball skills and athletic ability. Through our skills development program, we are proud to be actively teaching football to our youth in a safe and uplifting environment.

We proudly cater to the underserved youth market of ages 3-11.

I Youth Football programs are ran as a supplement for tackle football or flag football organizations (in their off season or off time to work on skills) OR as an alternative to running a tackle or flag football league. If your tackle football program doesn’t start until age 5 or 6, we offer skill training for ages 3-5; 5-7; and 7-11.

Through its partnership with, I Youth Football is offering a discount to all Users.

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Below is a Webinar recording outlining the I Youth Football’s training systems: