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With so much talk about No Huddle, I thought it might be worthwhile to explain how we have used the wrist coach system and a couple minor tweaks we have come up with.

After coaching on No Huddle teams the past 5 season, I can’t imagine playing any other way. To me there are just so many advantages:

  1. No struggles getting the players in and out of the huddle efficiently.
  2. Huge time saver when executing plays on air which results in more play reps.
  3. The ability to read the defense prior to the play call allowing you to get your team into the best possible play.
  4. No need to teach hurry up.

However, there are some negatives as well associated with wrist coaches:

  1. Cost of the wrist coaches as well as some method of getting the inserts laminated.
  2. Weekly changes to the inserts.
  3. Distributing and collecting during practice and on game day.
  4. Cleaning

With all of that said, I feel that advantages far outweigh the negatives.

As mentioned earlier we have used the No Huddle system so our wrist coach would look something like:

No Huddle Wrist Coach

The offense lines up in the Base formation and then the Offensive Coordinator calls the play by using the following nomenclature:


<Formation> <Color> <3 Digit Play Code>


Assuming the last number is live:

  1. GREEN 214 = 16 Power
  2. Double RED 123 = Double Mouse 22 Wedge
  3. Rocket RED 532 = Rocket 32 Wedge

One of the things that you may have noticed is that we put the name of the color within the color.

No Huddle Wrist Coach Colors

We started doing that as a result of us having a player who was color blind but was too self-conscious to tell us.

One of the things I like to do to keep the defense honest is to be able to call the same play using different colors.  Early in the season before we have gone too deep into the playbook this is easy to do as you just place the same play on the insert multiple times in different columns. However as you continue to expand your offensive attack during the season, those play slots soon fill up. To accommodate this we just simply added another row of colors.

No Huddle Wrist Coach with Colors

So now both GREEN 214 and GOLD 974 are both 16 Power from the Base formation. It’s not rocket science, but I do feel it adds a bit of a challenge for the opponent if they are trying to determine the play call without adding any needless complexity for our players.

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Why do I Coach?

Why do I Coach?

CoachingI thought as my first blog, I would examine a question that I ask myself several times during a long season. Dealing with parent issues, players missing practices, injuries, competing for player’s attention all the while trying to take care of my highest priority that is my family, I often question why do I coach? Well as a youth coach it certainly isn’t for the long hours and lack of pay. Is it to replace the competition I miss not being a player? While I do love the competition and the challenges it provides, it is not just that. For me it gets down to the relationships that I have been able to create as a result of coaching. During my 17 years of youth coaching, I have come in contact and have become close to some of my dearest friends. Without coaching I most likely would not have been able to form these relationships. So I guess the answer to my question is that coaching enriches my life. Do I have to be reminded from time to time of this? You bet! Shamefully I must admit that very few seasons have gone by where I wasn’t convinced that this season would be the last. Often it’s about that time I receive a nice note from a player or parent or in the case recently when I received a text from a parent after the loss of a big game telling me that while her son was disappointed that our team lost, he was most disappointed because he wanted to win for me. It’s those types of moments that bring me back and help me remember why I coach.

How about you? Why do you coach? Whether it football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport I would love to hear your answer. If you are willing to share, shoot me an email by using the form below.

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