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The Dumcoach.com Forum is designed to help everyone get better at coaching youth football. Information about Offense, Defense, Special Teams, football drills, practice planning, game film, dealing with parents, building your Staff, football clinics or camps and how to run a Youth Football League. Youth football playbooks include Clark Wilkin’s Wing T, 46 Defense, different Double Wing systems, Dave Cisar's Single Wing, some I Formation , Power T, Air Raid, Run and Shoot, plenty of Pistol Formations, Split Back Veer, Wishbone, and the East Coast Offense. Defensively, JJ Lawson’s 3-3, to the 3-5-3, to the 4-2-5, and Paul Marsten’s 4-4, plus the popular 5-3, Jack Gregory’s 6-3, some Gap 8, 10-1. Discuss and learn about man coverage or zone coverage, zone blocking or gap blocking, Heads Up tackling...etc.

In partnership with Dumcoach.com we are hosting a day of Youth Football Clinics with a panel of Coaches we believe are some of the best in the country. Half of all proceeds of this clinic will go to keeping Dumcoach.com up and running and available to Youth coaches in the future.  


  1. Simple Passing Concepts - Bruce Eien
  2. Managing the Parents - Clint Schumacher
  3. Turnovers by Design - Dave Potter
  4. Non-Contact Drills for the Offseason - Keith Magee
  5. Installing Tempo at all Levels - Mike Rowe
  6. Formational Designation - Tito Correa

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Saturday The 3rd
10:00 AM Eastern

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