Clinics on Demand

Clinics on DemandWould you like the ability to view more than one online clinic?  If so, we offer easy access to most of our online coaching clinics by signing up for our Silver or Bronze Clinics on Demand subscription packages. As a Clinics on Demand subscriber, you will have the ability to watch all of the previous years’ clinics (Bronze – 58 Clinics and Silver – 69 Clinics) and access clinic notes on any device you choose for 1 year at one low price.

Clinics to be added in 2017

(Bronze and Silver Packages)


Defensive Line and Linebacker Fundamentals*Added*
The Three Keys – Practice Planning, Team Building, and Team Retention – *Added*
The Wild Bunch – Speed, Power and Deception in Youth Football – *Added*
The 2-Level Defense – Simplicity, Aggression and Deception in Youth Football – *Added*
Training the Zone Running Back – *Added*
Zone Matchup Advantages of Cover 3 – *Added*
7 Diamond Defense for Youth Football – *Added*
If that’s Zone Blocking, how come it’s so nasty? – 6/6/2017


To Subscribe, click on either the Silver or Bronze options below:

Bronze = $34.99 (previous years’ clinics with the exception of Coach Jack Gregory’s clinics)

Silver   = $64.99 (previous years’ clinics plus all of Coach Jack Gregory’s clinics)

If you are looking for something geared more towards the new or less experienced coach, please check out our Youth Football Coach Training subscription package.

We are also offering affordable customized clinic packages to Program/Organization leaders to help them provide education/training to their coaches.  If this is something you might be interested in, please contact Coach Rob using the form below for more information.