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Series of Youth Football Clinics


Our Dumcoach.com Online Clinic on Saturday, 6/3 was a great success and we have now made the clinic recordings available for viewing.  This is a great opportunity to learn from several great coaches from the comfort of your home.  The cost for the clinic series is just $12.49.  If you are a youth coach and are not familiar with Clark Wilkins and the Dumcoach Forum, we highly recommend that you visit the site and look around.  We feel it is one of the best resources for youth football.  Be careful though it can become addicting!  Below is our Coach and Topic lineup:

Coach Topic
Bruce Eien Simple Passing Concepts
Clint Schumacher Managing the Parents
Dave Potter Turnovers by Design
Keith Magee Non-Contact Drills for the Offseason
Mike Rowe Installing Tempo at all Levels
Tito Correa Formational Designation

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Dumcoach.com Clinic


2016 Clinic Season

Coming Attractions


Below are tentative dates and times (Eastern) for our 2016 Youth Football Coaching Clinics:

Note:  We are currently working to add additional clinics and will be opening up registration to all of our clinics very soon.  

If you are a Coach interested in presenting a clinic or just have a question about a clinic, email Coach Rob using the form below:


Youth Basketball Coaching Clinics

Youth Basketball Coaching Clinics


Coaching Youth BasketballTo expand our clinic offerings to Youth Basketball we have added the following series of clinics to our Clinic Schedule:

We are also looking for Youth Basketball Coaches that share our passion for the game that would also be willing to share their knowledge.  If you might be interested in hosting a clinic with us, please contact us using the form below:


5-3 Defense

5-3 Defense for Youth Football


One of the most popular Youth Football defenses is the 5-3 Defense.  Oddly enough there is very little material available covering the 5-3 Defense in any great detail.  If this is a defense that you are interested in, we highly recommend that you take a look at Coach Hickey’s 5-3 Defense clinic. In this clinic Coach Hickey goes into great detail covering his version of the 5-3.  See below for a brief clinic preview.

5-3 Defense Clinic Preview